Words Of A Big Sis

I came into the office tonight to find A typing on the blog.  She’s been reading what I write and finds comfort in the posts.  I didn’t even tell her about it, not knowing if it would be difficult for her, but she found it on her own.  She admits that reading my feelings helps her understand her own and decided, tonight, that she wanted to share some of her thoughts with you.  I’m so proud of her and the articulate young lady she’s becoming.  I suppose she’s more like me than I may want to admit.  On that note, I give you the lovie who made me a mom.


Hi!  I’m A and I am Caleb’s oldest sister.  I would like to share some of my thoughts about Bubba.  I’m not sure where to begin to be honest.  Grief has been very hard on my ENTIRE family.  Well, I guess I could start at the beginning of it all.

Caleb Richard Shamrell was born on December 18, 2011.  He was six and a half weeks early.  I was nervous  about how early he was but relieved when my mom called and said he would be alright.  She also told my siblings and I that he would have to stay at the hospital a little longer than most babies.  That was happy and sad for us.  ‘L1’ and I were both sick and we didn’t want to get our baby brother sick.  I eventually met him on Christmas Eve.  I was sooooo happy to finally meet Caleb even if he was in the N.I.C.U. (Newborn Intensive Care Unit).  I was even more excited when he came home the next day.  Best Christmas EVER!

IMG_0035 - Copy   DSC01252

I enjoyed watching him through his first year of life.


A One-Year-Old picture taken by my wonderful mother.

Bubba continued to live life to the fullest, learn, laugh, and grow.  He was gentle with animals, loved to move, and had a blast!  He was and still is loved more than I can express with words.  He is my brother and I am grateful that he is. He is a friend to all, and just sooooo cute.  He is a superhero. He is a talented little boy who is athletic, musical, and kind.  He is Caleb Richard Shamrell.

WP_20131026_004   IMG_8900

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