Help Shine a Light!

I have some grief support after the death of a child stuff I’ve been pondering on as I go back through my journal and some information I’ve been given over the last year.  It’s not quiet ready to come together in a post.  The heavier stuff takes a bit of extra chewing.  In the meantime, here’s this!

I’ve written a lot about finding the light in dark places since starting on this impossibly difficult grief journey.  We’re currently trying to shine a very big light.  It’s a light meant to make Caleb’s life mean more than his death.  It’s a light to celebrate his birthday on December 18th.  He would be four.  Four is such a wonderful age, so full of curiosity, tenacity, and love.  So, please help us if you can!


Bub’s 1st Birthday!

We’re doing a Christmas Give Back drive to celebrate the holidays and Caleb’s birthday.  We’re collecting new, unwrapped toys and books to give to pediatric hospital patients at our two local hospitals and the children’s hospital 90 minutes away.  We learned during our time in NICU when he was born and PICU last year that many people visit the peds patients with gifts a week or two before Christmas, but not so much the week of.  People travel and are getting ready for Christmas with their own families.  We’ll be delivering these gifts on the 23rd and 24th of this month.  New patients wake up and are admitted everyday.  We want to let the little loves and their families know that we’re with them on their difficult path.  They aren’t forgotten and we love and care.

If you’d like to participate in Caleb’s Christmas Give Back, please send packages to:

Caleb’s Alive In Me Foundation

Attn: Give Back

PO Box 935 Cedar Falls, IA 50613



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